Music Studio

Fall 2015 – I am excited to announce that I have moved to Hong Kong!!! I’m opening a Suzuki school there called the Hong Kong Suzuki Music Institute. All my future regular lessons will be through this school. If you are interested in having me come to your music camp please be in touch at

Fall 2013 – Home Studio: I am currently accepting a small number of students. Please be in touch. There are between 34 and 36 lessons this year depending on the lesson slot.

Skype Students – I am currently accepting a limited number of Skype students, particularly those interested in learning Newfoundland fiddle but live outside the St. John’s metro area.

I teach a small studio of violin and fiddle students from the very young to the young at heart!  I am located in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. I also teach SKYPE lessons for those interested in Newfoundland fiddle lessons but live away.  If you are interested in studying with me please use the contact form below or email evelyn_osborne AT yahoo DOT com.

As a teacher, I believe that every child can learn given the right environment and encouragement.  I work with mature students and parent/child teams by assigning small, success-oriented steps which lead to great musical development. I work with each student where they are (emotionally, physically, and musically) at the time of their lesson. I assign specific tasks to practice including reviewing old pieces, plenty of musical listening, and technique for the working and preview pieces.

It is my goal that each student will ultimately find fulfillment in music which will enrich their lives and the lives of those around them.

Services provided:

In-person lessons:
* Adult Violin or Fiddle Students
* Young Child and Parent teams for Suzuki Study from ages 4 and up

SKYPE Lessons:
* Mature Students for Violin or Fiddle
* Youth who are old enough (12+) to take lessons on their own and follow detailed                     instructions
* Dedicated Child and Parent Teams who do not have a Suzuki program                                     close to their home.

Practice Consultations:           * If you are having diffculties with your home practice I will provide a consultation     by observing part of the practice by Skype and then discussing strategies with you.

My qualifications as a violin/fiddle teacher:
* 20 years experience
* PhD and MA in Newfoundland Fiddle Related Research
* Bachelor of Music in Violin
* Extensive Suzuki Violin teacher training at the graduate level.
* Given Newfoundland fiddle and dance workshops on four continents.

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