Funding Received


Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)                             2006-2008

  • Held at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), School of Music and Research Centre for the Study of Music, Media and Place (MMaP)

Canadian Research Chair in Traditional Music/ Ethnomusicology                  2004-2006

  • Held at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Department of Folklore, School of Music and MMaP


Association of Sound Recordings Collections (ARSC)                                                  2013

  •  Research Project: “The Big 6 Clothing Store ‘Once a Number, Now an Institution’: The Role of a Business Man’s Musical Tastes in Shaping Irish-Newfoundland Repertoire”
  • Funds to continue research on the McNulty Family at the Archives of Irish America (AIA) at New York University (NYU)

Institute for Social Sciences and Economic Research (ISER),MUN                             2010

  • Research Project: “Fiddling with Style and Identity: Negotiating ‘Celticness’ in the Traditional Instrumental Music of Newfoundland and Labrador”
  • Funds to conduct research with the McNulty Family Papers at NYU

Sprott Asset Management Scholarship, Ireland-Canada University Foundation           2007

  • Research Project: “Fiddling with Style and Identity: Negotiating ‘Celticness’ in the Traditional Instrumental Music of Newfoundland and Labrador”
  • Funds to conduct field work for one month in Ireland

J.R. Smallwood Foundation, MUN                                                                                   2007

  • Project Title: “Fiddling with Style and Identity: Negotiating ‘Celticness’ in the Traditional Instrumental Music of Newfoundland and Labrador”
  • Funds to conduct field work within Newfoundland ($2,500)

Mary Griffiths Memorial Bursary for Folklore Fieldwork, Folklore Students Association, MUN

  • Funds to complete research with fiddlers in the Codroy Valley on the West Coast of Newfoundland

Graduate Student Research Fund. Graduate Studies, Carleton University                   2001

  • Funds to complete fieldwork in Newfoundland               .


J.R. Smallwood Foundation, MUN                                                                                  2006

  • Project Title: “Digitization of a Newfoundland Fiddle Collection”
  • Funds to digitize my field recordings and deposit them in Memorial University’s Folklore and Language Archive (MUNFLA, Osborne 2008-002)


Dean’s Excellence Award, MUN                                                                           2006-2008

  • School of Graduate Studies

Graduate Student Research Bursary, Carleton University                                            2003

  • School of Graduate Studies


City of St. John’s, NL                                                                                              2006

  •           Project: “Fridgeworks – Youth Arts Project”
  •           Facilitated an art by youth exhibited on refrigerator doors placed throughout    downtown
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council                                                           2006
    • Project: Suzuki Talent Education Program’s 25th Anniversary Composition Commission Project: Silver Strings on Rocky Shore by Jennifer O’Neill

    City of St. John’s, NL                                                                                             2008

    • Project: Costumes for Abracadabra Illusion Show ($500)

    Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council                                                              2009

    • Funds to aid the production of the Abracadabra Magic Theatre’s production of “The Kingdom of Monsters” ($4,000)



    Travel Funding          Graduate Students Association,                          Oct. 2012

Travel Funding        School of Music, MUN                                          October 2012

Travel Funding              North Atlantic Fiddle Convention2008                   June 2012

Travel Funding      North Atlantic Fiddle Convention2008                             July 2010

Travel Funding      Graduate Studies, Memorial University of Newfoundland Nov. 2008

  • Travel Funding          Suzuki Talent Education Program (STEP)                 May 2006Travel Funding      School of Music, Memorial University                     November 2005

    Travel Funding                           Folklore Studies Association of Canada     May 2005


    Teacher Training Funding      Suzuki Talent Education Program                  July 2013

    Teacher Training Scholarship  Suzuki Association of the Americas         Spring 2013

    Teacher Training Funding      Suzuki Talent Education Program                   May 2006

    Teacher Training Funding       Suzuki Talent Education Program                 June 2005



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