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Dr. Evelyn Osborne is the founder of the Musical Village Method – a holistic, family and community minded music education approach which marries the best of classical music education with folk music and the human experience of cultural arts.

A dedicated Suzuki teacher who enhances her curriculum with folk music and cultural education. Dr. Osborne has been teaching violin/fiddle for over 25 years and has taught and performed internationally. Evelyn values the sense of community developed by the Suzuki philosophy and believes deeply that it takes a village to raise a child. She has seen and experienced first hand how a Suzuki musical community can truly develop beautiful musicians and noble hearts. Please see her SAA profile here:

The Musical Village Method is a unique blend of approaches to create a well-rounded and flexible musician.

Osborne fuses Folk Music, Suzuki Method, Creative Ability Development (improvisation) and other approaches for a unique pedagogy.

I also lecture at the university level and am happy to speak to students of all ages.

Early Childhood Music Education

Music exposure from early childhood is so important for your child’s development and general happiness! Babies just instinctively respond to music and it is a wonderful way to bond with your infant or toddler. Don’t worry about your singing voice – they love it already and just want to play with you!

I am trained in two different ECE musical methods:

Suzuki Early Childhood was developed by Dr. Suzuki and Dorothy Jones. It features British based nursery rhymes and is excellent for English language development (ages 0-3). SECE students are exposed to ca. 4,000 words. I have been teaching this since 2008. Adult-child class.

Music Together is a parent-child class for mixed-age students (age 0-5). It features a variety of music from around the world and lots of room for creativity! see for more details on this international program. My Music Together classes are currently inactive due to Covid-19 logistics. Kindly contact me for other options.

Suzuki Method

Developed by Dr. Suzuki in Japan, this internationally respected method has trained some of the top concert violinists in the world. A parent-child approach, the teacher and parent work closely together to support the child’s development. Parents are highly involved and attend each lesson while also learning to play and how to coach their child at home.

My life has been steeped in this philosophy of nurturing music education. I began violin through the Suzuki method at age five and my mother played violin with me up to the concerto level. After university, I started my life long teacher training and have been a Suzuki teacher since 1998.

Creative Ability Development Method

Creative Ability Development is brand new to Hong Kong. Developed by Alice Kanack dubbed “Mozart’s Mother” by Dr. Suzuki, this method is both independent of, and compatible with, the Suzuki Method. It’s basic premise is that all children are creative and we can develop and nurture that creativity on their instrument. Dr. Osborne trained with Canadian violinist, Laura Nerenberg and is excited to bring this new approach to Hong Kong.

Adult Lessons for Fiddle, Violin, Creativity

You are never too old to learn!! Learning a new skill as an adult is thrilling. Also revisiting the instrument you put in your closet years ago will give you a new appreciation for all your years of learning! Happy to work with adults of all ages and skill levels on their instrument and/or inspiring creativity through music.

Folk Music, Fiddle, Dance, Folk Song, and World Musics

Learning about the culture(s) around you and from different parts of the world is enriching! I can personally teach traditions from different parts of the North Atlantic including fiddle, dance, and song. I can connect you with artists of other global traditions.

School Presentations – from Preschool to Secondary

Bringing music to all ages is part of my goal in life. I am happy to develop presentations from preschool to secondary school on various musical and cultural topics.

University and Public Lectures

I have given university and public lectures on various topics from musics from the North Atlantic to music education. Please be in touch.

I still remember 3 years ago when my daughter first came to Ms. Evelyn’s violin class, she told her ‘the most beautiful music is from your heart.’ When my daughter first picked up the real violin to play, the music came out so naturally and was just beautiful. Ms. Evelyn believes each child is different. She always encourages us whenever we encounter challenges and she always made class full of joy. Ms. Evelyn is not just about skills but also cultivating humanity through which children acquire a beautiful heart and confidence.”

Carol Si

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