October Studio Newsletter

October 2014 Studio Newsletter

Hello Everyone

Happy autumn! So far we’ve had pretty good weather!

Now that the year is fully off to a good start I have just a few items to share with you.

1 Practice Tip! Schedule Your Practice Time

2 October Practice Charts

3 October Practice Game

4 Halloween Lesson Week

5 STEP Group Class Dates

6 STEP Solo Concerts

7 STEP Graduation Tapes

8 Thanksgiving Monday

9 Studio List



  • Practice Tip! Schedule Your Practice Time!

Now that everything has settled in please make sure you have formally scheduled your practice time every day. In our over busy, overscheduled lives we even need to carve out time for things we enjoy and are working towards – including playing music. Set it up like an appointment you need to keep. Even on days you don’t feel much like practising do it anyhow and it will all pay off in more beautiful and enjoyable musical growth. Growing as a musical individual is like a marathon and you won’t run the race if you don’t take all those individual steps! Your child won’t progress musically if they don’t take all the practice steps along the road. Remember that practice time is time that is meant for you and your child to spend together learning, growing, and connecting. It can be challenging but also very rewarding. Think about how much you are also learning about music, the violin, how to educate your child, how creatively you need to think to be the best home teacher you can be! Don’t miss the opportunity to spend this wonderful time with your child because of busy-ness. Practice makes progress!

  • October Practice Charts

I recently joined the mailing list for Music In Practice website. She has sent along a few seasonal practice sheets. They are attached here and look really fun!

  • October Practice Game – Scary Sounds

With all the different kinds of sounds a violin can make why don’t you take some time at the end of your practice to explore? Can you make a scary squeaky door? Some ghostly slides?

  • Halloween Lesson Week

Feel free to come to your lessons in costume! (We may have to adjust them so you can play)

  • STEP Group Class Dates
    1. October 4th and October 25th.
  • STEP Solo Concerts

The STEP Faculty has been assigned 4 concerts each this year. We need to sign up in advance for space. My dates are November 1st and 22nd, February 28th and April 11th. There is limited space in each concert so I will send in all the names right away and fingers crossed we will all get our picks. If you are not signed up for one of the concerts I’ve been assigned to you may not get a spot. Please consider changing to another concert.

Here is who I have signed up so far: – please see email

  • STEP Graduation Concert Tapes
    1. Tapes are due to STEP no later than October 25th but I’d like to review them as soon as possible. If you have recordings from last year please bring them along this week or next so that if we need to redo any we still have lots of time.
  • Thanksgiving Monday – no lessons
  • Studio List – attached
  • Twinkle Toes Solos – every group class I teach three early childhood classes and I am always seeking young soloists to play for the class. Many of you have done this last year. Please consider signing up this year as well. The solos will happen in the last 15 minutes of each class. Twinkle Toes 1 Solo slot 10:15-10:30; Twinkle Toes 2 solo slot 11:15-11:30; Twinkle Toes 3 Solo Slot 12:15-12:30
  • Parent Group Class – it looks like I will be teaching a parent group class (for parents to play for themselves!) likely at 12:30 on group class days. If you are interested please email step@suzukinl.ca

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