The Accomplished Learner – My Version

Accomplished Learner The following is my vision of an accomplished learner and accomplished Suzuki family at any level of study. These are in no particular order. Balanced body to allow for ease of playing – Feet are flat, knees unlocked, spine is balanced, movement is possible and musically appropriate Balanced violin posture for ease ofContinue reading “The Accomplished Learner – My Version”

Big Ideas about “6 Little Ducks”

Think for a minute… What does a good music lesson environment look like to you? What does good music teaching look like to you? … What does good music learning look like to you? How can you actually tell when either is happening? How are teaching and learning related? Does the student-parent go home knowingContinue reading “Big Ideas about “6 Little Ducks””

September Studio Newsletter

Dear Parents and Students, I trust you all had a relaxing summer! As with the rest of life, violin and fiddle lessons are happily starting again with the fall air. I’m so looking forward to seeing you all and making lots of music this year! I’m pleased that everyone is back for lessons and we’llContinue reading “September Studio Newsletter”

Fall has been just ducky!

Wow I can’t believe it’s the start of November already! Fall has just blown by in the winds of busy-ness.  I’ve been having a great time with my students and a number of them are getting to graduate various violin books in a few weeks. Congratulations! I’ve been busy this fall with setting up myContinue reading “Fall has been just ducky!”